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No Hidden Charges

No Hidden Charges

Apple cars prices include taxes. What you see is what you really pay!

Go anywhere

Go Anywhere

Just remember to pay state tolls and entry taxes.

Door Step Pickup

Door Step Pickup

We will bring the car to your place., Sit back and relax

Fixed Pricing

Fixed Pricing

Need not confuse with pricing, we follow fixed pricing

Apple Cars - The Chronicle of our Successful Journey!

Our Story

Every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Likewise, the small seed called effort which we had sowed a decade before has grown into a very big tree called "reputation" among the society. Now, we are happy to say that Apple Cars Self Driven Car Rental Service is giving the fruits of Happiness, satisfaction, and encouragement every day for our journey to continue ever after.

How we emerged and excelled?

We, Apple Cars Self Drive Car Rental Service, were started up before 10 years as a very small unit in Chennai. Slowly as things changed, we started gaining the name and fame which we actually anticipated for from the audience. Now, we stand to be one of the Pioneers in delivering Self Driven Car rental Service in Chennai. Our prime office is positioned at Pallavaram near Chennai Airport and our branch office is at Ambattur. We believed in attaining customer satisfaction and so we worked to achieve the better than our expectation.

The Story behind our Start!!!

Whenever people want to migrate from one place to another, the best possible way they procured was roadways. People either got the help from call taxi or autos for their transportation purposes. Even though there was the comfort, at some point, privacy was completely missing. So, we set up Apple Cars Car Rental service from which you can avail the car of your choice and use it for a particular period of time at specific cost. Self Driven Car Rental was initially started with some few cars and a team of proficient professionals. We initiated our service in few places of the country. Stretch of our service took place and made us travel through these 10 wonderful years. With our continuous efforts, we got a massive response from the customers. Then on, we are servicing customers with an aim of providing complete comfort at affordable costs. Whatever may be the choice of car, we have the best choice for you at attractive costs.

At present, we are also offering absolutely free pick up and drop services to our customers. Our whole crew comprises of experienced professionals who have the ability to communicate and meet customer expectations accordingly. In India, we are providing region-wise services to all the customers as per their necessities. We provide 24/7 service to fulfill customer needs at any instant. We have more than 70 Self Driving Cars on our stand which is in a very good condition. All the cars are maintained by branded auto service companies and so ensure you the best drive like never before.

Rent a Car to Let your Joy Unbar!!

Apple Cars is a standard Car Rental Service Company and we have set to be the role model for many such rental service providers. We stand out from the crowd because of our quality service, proper response, and cheap rates. Whenever and wherever you want to go, we are here to help you out with our finest car rental. Since we work all around the clock, you are always welcome to contact us at any time. All you need to do is just book a car from Apple Cars. Within some time of your call, our executive will return back to you with the required documents. Fill up and submit all the required documents to the concerned person. That is it! Grab the key and ride wherever you want with ease. Return to the place where you were picked up after your travel, collect your papers and leave with satisfaction. Make your journey more comfortable and easy with Apple Cars. We are glad to inform that our Car rental service will be started all over in Tamilnadu very soon. Do avail Apple Cars car rental service to have the best journey every time you step out.


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No need Sign up. just book your car, all on our site! You decide the duration, and car. It’s all super easy.


Fill the checklist & Submit the documents to our customer service executive


Grab the keys in the glove-box, then drive baby, drive.


Return the car to the place you picked up, collect the documents and deposit. Awesome na ??

Apple Cars - Your Partner in Driving!

Exploring new things is certainly beautiful. The more you explore, the more you experience. Get ready to explore and experience with Apple Cars Car Rental in Chennai. Being a leading Car Rental Service in Chennai, Apple cars stands second to none in offering the best customer service without any hassle. Whenever you want a drive with how much ever people you need, we have the best car for you. Uninterrupted customer support is the best part to mention about Apple cars. We extend our services not only for long journeys but also for short rides inside of the city. So, feel free to approach Apple cars to get in hand the bars to start your ride. No additional costs, no unnecessary conditions and not much time consumed on documentation processes. With our very good team of professionals, we afford you the best of the choicest cars to go an easy and peaceful journey. Don’t think much, if you want a car at any instant, contact us right away. Apple cars Car Rental Service in Chennai is here to give the self-drive cars for the self-driven people.

Self Driven Car Rental in Chennai

Want to experience the real pleasure of a joyride? Go for Apple cars - Self Driven Car rental in Chennai for smooth & hassle-free driving. Contingent on the number of passengers, we afford the preeminent rental cars for self-drive at rates cheaper than you expect. We have all sorts of rental cars for a comfortable travel in and out of Chennai. So, you can choose a rental car depending upon your time and requirements. For instance, a light car is available which you can use for short drives to places like office, shopping sites or any other amusement spots. On the other hand, large and vigorous SUV cars can be made use of for long journeys which accounts to about several kilometers. In addition to the above, we also possess lavishly luxurious cars for rent at our firm. Hence, whenever you are in need of a car for self-drive, do approach Apple cars Self Driven Car Rental in Chennai. To book a car, all you need to do is to either sign up on our website or use the mobile app that contains all the information regarding the rental cars. After logging in, just fix on the type of car, pickup location, and rental period. That’s all, now your car is ready for a happy travel without any situational hurdles in the middle.

Car Rental in Chennai

Driving is a pleasurable feeling for many people. There are chances where you don’t possess a car but wish for a drive by your own. If that is your situation, Apple Cars is your best destination for Self-driven Car Rental in Chennai. With the best comfort more than you expect, our rental cars give you the perfect feel for an excellent outing in and around Chennai. Self-driven Rental cars from Apple Cars are worth every penny spent from your side. You can avail all the types of car you choose at best rates in Chennai. According to the cars you choose, the charges will vary. We provide self-driven rental cars that do not create any annoying hassles like fuel cost, breakdown issues or other hidden charges. More flexible, more convenient and trouble-free drive is now possible with Apple Cars Self Driven Car Rental in Chennai. Book your car for rent now to enjoy happy rides with your family and friends.  

Self Drive Cars in Chennai

Driving is a passion for some and a love for many. Don’t let your love for driving vanish away by riding in cabs. Here is a better option for you from Apple Cars – Best self drive car rental provider in Chennai. Short or long, whatever may be your requisite, we have the best choice completely for you at unbelievable rates and offers. With every ride, you can experience something new and interesting. Self drive cars actually give you the joy of driving wherever you go and on the other hand, following the safety rules is mandatory. At Apple Cars, we have almost all types of cars to please you unconditionally. When the number of people is more, the car you prefer can also be changed. But, bear in mind that even the cost will vary. So, plan before you select and get the detailed information before you start. Despite all those mentioned above, we provide self-drive cars which are smooth and sophisticated enough to give you the comfort of driving. In case of any internal trouble, we are always there to help you out. Customer satisfaction is what we believe in deeply. Avail our extraordinary self-drive cars for rental in Chennai to gain a good experience at reasonable rates on market. Wanna hire a car for your personal rides? Choose Apple Cars Self-drive cars to make your way more exciting and unforgettable.  

Rent a car in Chennai

Wanna drive a car instead of riding in a cab? Apple Cars is your ideal Choice to Rent a Car in Chennai. Apple Cars provides the extended services to customers at pocket-friendly rates. Rent a car in Chennai to enjoy your local and standard rides with ease. Sign up on our site or the mobile app and book the car of your interest instantly. Car for your unexpected situations are also available with us. Rent a car amidst a range starting from light to luxury car with Apple Cars rental service in Chennai. Depending on your selection, the costs are charged. In general, the rental cars that you hire may put forward the problem like hidden costs or unnecessary breakdown at the middle. But, with Apple Cars dilemma is unimaginable. Apple Cars always gives you a crystal clear idea of the procedural activities and the respective charges to be imposed well in advance. No need to own a car for driving anymore, Apple Cars is available with just a click away.